Catherine believes that a person is healthiest when they can help themselves heal past hurts, anxiety, reduce pain, bring forth their creativity, and engage their mind in creating a playground for inspiration. Her mission is to help you remember something about yourself that you may have forgotten or did not know existed within.


I have had amazing experiences in my sessions with Catherine. I had a Soul Retrieval session, which was so powerful and healing on many levels. Catherine guided me as I experienced the lifetimes that trauma had been caused and was still lingering, then helped me bring healing & closure to each lifetime. Since the session I have felt more at peace, more grounded and connected to my core self on a deeper level. It was very magical and empowering to experience the Soul Retrieval. I also had an amazing Past Life Regression session, which brought much understanding & clarity, not only regarding my past life experience, but also about my life today and why I have felt so drawn to helping animals and the healing work that I offer. The Past Life Regression session helps me on a daily basis, as I have felt more connected to my truth and more in alignment with my path this lifetime, because of the information I learned. Catherine is a very gifted healer and beautifully and gently guided me during my sessions. Catherine is authentic, genuinely cares and is very passionate about her healing work. I highly recommend Catherine Andrews and I look forward to scheduling more sessions with her soon.

Sara-Anne Reed

I have used Catherine for a variety of separate reasons and have always been extremely satisfied with her results, the atmosphere of her space and the genuine care she brings to every session. I would and have recommended her to a number of family and friends.

Ryan Hoover

Real Estate Broker

Catherine is a gifted hypnotherapist and has a soothing, healing energy. Her gentle and skillful guidance has made a huge difference for me, and I highly recommend her!

Melanie Sewell

Hair Stylist


Each life regression or progression mentioned here is a profound transformative experience. Each of the therapies below can bring healing, peace of mind and new perspectives into your life.


As we travel through life and experience trauma, heartache and physical injuries we end up leaving pieces of our soul behind.  With a fragmented soul, we can feel uncomfortable in our skin or have a poor self-image, it can be the foundation for unhealthy relationships, and possibly open the door for chronic illness. A Soul Healing session is excellent for healing your past, present and future lives.

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