Each life regression or progression mentioned here is a profound transformative experience.  Each of the therapies below can bring healing, peace of mind and new perspectives into your life.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Have you ever wondered if you have lived a past life or even multiple past lives? How did you dress, what did you eat, did you have a family, how did you earn a living? Perhaps you were an herbalist, a merchant, an artist, a teacher, a politician or maybe even a lady-in-waiting for a royal Queen? Are there lessons from a previous life that you need to remember? What gifts or resources would you bring back into your current life? What would you remember about yourself that you may have forgotten or did not know? The possibilities are endless and waiting for you to come and explore.

Future Life Progression

Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball that could show you what your future may hold for you? Are you happy? Are you successful? What wisdom would your future self give to your current person?  Future Life Progression can help you explore repeating patterns in your life, contracts or agreements you have made that affect your present life, and help you see what perceptions and beliefs are hindering you in this lifetime or even what is helping you. As with past life regression, there is also an opportunity for you to experience healing from your future life. 

Life Between Lives Regression

Life Between Lives Regression is exploring the place you exist when you are between lives. In this session, we will explore what experiences you may encounter while you are between lives.  You may have a visit with your Soul Group, training in energy work or explore lessons learned in past lives. There are endless possibilities as to what you will experience with a Life Between Lives Regression. 

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