Soul Healing Session


Soul Healing SessionAs we travel through life and experience trauma, heartache and physical injuries we end up leaving pieces of our soul behind.  With a fragmented soul, we can feel uncomfortable in our skin or have a poor self-image, it can be the foundation for unhealthy relationships, and possibly open the door for chronic illness. A Soul Healing session is excellent for healing your past, present and future lives.


A Soul Healing is a beautiful way to find and bring the fragmented pieces of our souls back into ourselves and to help heal our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Your journey will begin in a beautiful, safe place that your intuitive mind will help create for you. You will then follow a pathway that leads to your lighted healing cave. Once you are inside the healing cave, you will be joined by a guide who will lead you to your soul pieces and reintegrate them back into your soul.


Exploring Your Spirituality Session


In our world today more and more of us are wanting to know if there is something more to life. Can we connect to the Cosmos’ and feel part of the greater whole? Can we have conversations with loved ones who have departed this lifetime? Is it possible to meet the angels and guides that protect us and guide us on our journey? Would you like to know more about your life mission? Come and explore your spirituality.


Personalized Hypnotherapy Session


A personalized hypnotherapy session is created based on what you would like to experience or would like to change in your life.  We can do a session on grief, social anxiety, pain, relaxation or explore a hypnotherapy session for the first time.  The possibilities are endless, adventures await, book your session now.



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